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Does Tinniticil Really Work? (A Critical Review)

I was recently looking through a certain health & wellness forum when I came across a post by someone giving praise to a tinnitus relief supplement by the name of “Tinniticil.”

Being a tinnitus sufferer myself I wanted to see if this supplement really lives up to the hype.

It’s no secret among those who know me personally that the ringing in my ears has caused me a lot of grief. It’s so bad that there have been several nights when it was almost impossible to go to sleep due to the constant ringing sound.

I actually found that sleeping with the TV on seems to help. BUT I can’t stand that either!

So could the answer to my “ringing” frustrations really exist in this little pill? Is it really as good as they say it is?

The short answer is yes.

I really like this supplement. The formula actually makes a lot of sense and it’s backed by real research & studies.

An overview of Tinniticil

According to the manufacturer, the Tinniticil formula is based off of a unique “Inside-Out” approach that aims to address the symptoms of tinnitus at the root cause. Bare with me here and I’ll explain how this works to the best of my understanding.

The ingredients in Tinniticil helps normalize levels of zinc in the inner ear, improves blood flow to the inner ear, enhances brain cell energy function and helps cell membranes to transfer sound better.

It also has the added benefits of lowering your cholesterol and improving circulation to the extremities.

There are a few other added benefits I found out while researching this supplement, most notably:

Vinpocetine for example is also well known for it’s positive effect on memory enhancement.

Inositol is an excellent antioxidant that blocks free radicals. It also supports heart health, kidney health, and liver health. Another benefit of inositol is its ability to promote cell health and inhibit malignant cell growth.

My personal results using Tinniticil

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for (yeah, right) – my personal results with Tinniticil.

First we should establish a point of reference. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being my tinnitus is so bad that I want to smack my head against a brick wall, I’d say my tinnitus is about a 4.

I ordered the supplement direct from the manufacturer at tinniticil.com and it arrived a few days later. (This supplement does not yet appear to be sold in stores.)

I took it that night before bed. My tinnitus comes and goes during the day but at night it’s generally a sure thing.

My tinnitus did seem particularly loud that night. Remember the scale I mentioned earlier? Well on this particular night it was about a 6. Disclaimer: It could have just been all in my head (no pun intended) because I had been thinking about it all day.

So then I waited… 5 minutes and nothing. 10 minutes later…maybe. 15 minutes later..I noticed the ringing had subsided a little bit but not enough to really justify taking the supplement.

Finally, 20 to 25 minutes later I couldn’t believe my ears. The ringing had COMPLETELY STOPPED. I didn’t think this was even possible. I thought I had a good chance of reducing the ringing but never in a million years did I think it would completely eliminate it. Long story short, I slept great that night (and just about every night thereafter).

The Bottom Line

From my research… I think this tinnitus-fighting supplement is a must-have for anyone suffering from all types of ringing in their ears.

I also highly recommend you check out the Tinniticil website. It explains how it all works… and gives you a lot of great information on Tinnitus. Pretty cool.

And as always… let me know how it goes for you. I think this one is good… but I always like to keep updated on products I’ve reviewed. That’s where you guys come in.

Click here to visit the official Tinniticil site.

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  • Peter says:

    tinnitus has been bothering me for years and I ignored it as much as I could but it kept getting worse. I almost didnt try it but I started taking tinniticil and let me tell you one thing: ignore every last damn person who tells you tinnitus cant be cured. they almost had me convinced. they are WRONG. tinniticil does work and im sure a lot of other stuff helps too. just because THEY cant find a cure or too cynical to try something doesn’t mean you cant.

  • Gina B. says:

    My ear ringing has become increasngly worse over the years to the point where it is no longer tolerable. A friend let me try her Tinniticil a few weeks ago and it has indeed been extremely helpful.

  • doyle says:

    where can I buy tinniticil

  • Mark Owens says:

    I received my order and have been very impressed with the results thus far. Thank you again for the information this is exactly what I needed.

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks for this site and this story. I’m going to order it now for my husband. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you

  • Michael says:

    I’ve suffered from tinnitus for years and tried several so called “remedies” that didn’t provide much relief at all. I came across tinniticil one day while researching online and bit the bullet after reading positive things online. It works very well and on most days it does stop the ringing. I’m a happy customer.

  • Frank says:

    I’ve had tinnitus for years due to combat service and basically taught myself to live with it. I can ignore it most of the time but it can be a living hell.

    I tried lipoflavornoid and didn’t get much if any relief. This was about a year ago. Recently I decided to give Tinniticil a shot and yes it does work people!!!! NO MORE RINGING!!!!!

  • Beth says:

    I’ve been using Tinniticil for 3 weeks now and I wanted to share my results. It has done it’s job of silencing the tinnitus well. I take 1 pill with lunch and 1 with dinner (my Tinnitus has never actually been a problem in the morning). I find that Im able to focus and concentrate much better now as well. Thank you for this wonderful product. Beth

    • Tamara Hollins says:

      Does Tinniticil really works I just want to hear my children without the ringing and be stress free.

      • Beth says:

        Yes it works for me! I find that I don’t have to take it nearly as often as directed and still ring-free. I’m just about to place another order. A word of advice you save a lot of money with the 3 month supply. I’m loving it!

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