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Does Tinniticil Really Work? (A Critical Review)

I was recently looking through a certain health & wellness forum when I came across a post by someone giving praise to a tinnitus relief supplement by the name of “Tinniticil.”

Being a tinnitus sufferer myself I wanted to see if this supplement really lives up to the hype.

It’s no secret among those who know me personally that the ringing in my ears has caused me a lot of grief. It’s so bad that there have been several nights when it was almost impossible to go to sleep due to the constant ringing sound.

I actually found that sleeping with the TV on seems to help. BUT I can’t stand that either!

So could the answer to my “ringing” frustrations really exist in this little pill? Is it really as good as they say it is?

The short answer is yes.

I really like this supplement. The formula actually makes a lot of sense and it’s backed by real research & studies.

An overview of Tinniticil

According to the manufacturer, the Tinniticil formula is based off of a unique “Inside-Out” approach that aims to address the symptoms of tinnitus at the root cause. Bare with me here and I’ll explain how this works to the best of my understanding.

The ingredients in Tinniticil helps normalize levels of zinc in the inner ear, improves blood flow to the inner ear, enhances brain cell energy function and helps cell membranes to transfer sound better.

It also has the added benefits of lowering your cholesterol and improving circulation to the extremities.

There are a few other added benefits I found out while researching this supplement, most notably:

Vinpocetine for example is also well known for it’s positive effect on memory enhancement.

Inositol is an excellent antioxidant that blocks free radicals. It also supports heart health, kidney health, and liver health. Another benefit of inositol is its ability to promote cell health and inhibit malignant cell growth.

My personal results using Tinniticil

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for (yeah, right) – my personal results with Tinniticil.

First we should establish a point of reference. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being my tinnitus is so bad that I want to smack my head against a brick wall, I’d say my tinnitus is about a 4.

I ordered the supplement direct from the manufacturer at tinniticil.com and it arrived a few days later. (This supplement does not yet appear to be sold in stores.)

I took it that night before bed. My tinnitus comes and goes during the day but at night it’s generally a sure thing.

My tinnitus did seem particularly loud that night. Remember the scale I mentioned earlier? Well on this particular night it was about a 6. Disclaimer: It could have just been all in my head (no pun intended) because I had been thinking about it all day.

So then I waited… 5 minutes and nothing. 10 minutes later…maybe. 15 minutes later..I noticed the ringing had subsided a little bit but not enough to really justify taking the supplement.

Finally, 20 to 25 minutes later I couldn’t believe my ears. The ringing had COMPLETELY STOPPED. I didn’t think this was even possible. I thought I had a good chance of reducing the ringing but never in a million years did I think it would completely eliminate it. Long story short, I slept great that night (and just about every night thereafter).

The Bottom Line

From my research… I think this tinnitus-fighting supplement is a must-have for anyone suffering from all types of ringing in their ears.

I also highly recommend you check out the Tinniticil website. It explains how it all works… and gives you a lot of great information on Tinnitus. Pretty cool.

And as always… let me know how it goes for you. I think this one is good… but I always like to keep updated on products I’ve reviewed. That’s where you guys come in.

Click here to visit the official Tinniticil site.

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  • Steve says:

    I left a comment back on June 14, 2014 that I was going to try this product. I ordered the 5 for $201 package. I will have to say it has made a believer out of me. Is my T totally gone …No. but the improvement is so worth it. On a scale of 1-10 It went from a 10 to about a 2 and sometimes 0. Its like someone really turned down the volume control and no more anxiety from it anymore. After a noisy day at work I hear the T but not as bad AND in about 15-20 minutes at home in quiet house it settles down instead of continuous ringing. How do I know other then this that it works…..I ran out of Tinniticil after December and since T didn’t bother me I forgot to re-order…..about 2-3 weeks later the T return back to the way it was (whiny motor in left ear; high pitch tea kettle in bith ears). Once I got product in the mail again within about 5 days it was back to under control as it was in the Autumn months before January. The greatest gift from this supplement is I sleep normal again. Some nights I barely hear it but not enough to keep me awake AND in the morning its pure silence. Its a little pricey but I hope they eventually retail at regular stores. Until then I will keep ordering. I can only say to any one who has doubts to at least try it. I tried my hardest in the internet search to find one bad / negative comment on this product on tinnitus forums or any where else (when asked about it on one forum a few said it was probaly snake oil ONLY to find out by the end of forum NO ONE TRIED IT. Their loss). I found this supplement on this site HEALTH GENIUS so I personally want to thank you health genius. I also purchased “Goodbye Tinnitus” cause I want to learn total natural way to rid of T also. Hopefully everyone who reads this finds that it works (Tinniticil) just as well for them. Sorry for such a long comment…Steve

  • Rube says:

    I just purchased it. Waiting for the mail. Oh please I hope this works even to give some relief.

  • Nick says:

    I’ve had ringing since the 1960′s related to army artillery and rock bands.
    One writer described it as a million different frequencies. That’s about what it is like. It has gotten worse over the years and is non- stop. I was about to purchase the on-line cure (alleged) out of desperation. So glad I checked this blog first!
    I will try tinniticil and keep you posted. If it works, I will be forever in your debt.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am wondering if this supplement is ok to take with other medications. I take anti-depressants and blood pressure medication.

    • Health Genius says:

      Hey Elizabeth,

      You should be fine. The ingredients / amounts are pretty safe.

      Here’s a tip: whenever taking new supplements you can do a Google search for ingredient-name interactions or ingredient-name contraindications to find out what it is and isn’t safe to take with.


  • Edward says:

    This is an outstanding company and product and I feel that I should share with everyone. I ordered a few weeks ago and the customer service agent was very nice and helpful. The order arrived a few days later and I immediately began taking it. I began to experience relief after 2 or 3 days of use (I did take it religiously never missing a dose) and after approximately 5 days the ringing was almost completely gone as in only noticeable if I tried really hard to hear it. I am very happy with this and would recommend it to everyone with tinnitus.

  • June Bailey says:

    I ordered Tinniticiland it came today, will post later tell you if it works for me. June

  • Mari says:

    Any idea how long you need to continue taking Tinniticil? Will you need to take it every day for the rest of your life?

  • Mark says:

    Hi Guys;
    The pills did not eliminate the ringing completely but did reduce it by a substantial amount and also did eliminate the ringing in in one ear. I’m going to call tomorrow and see if I can exceed the daily dosage to try to get rid of it all together. The only product I’ve tried so far that had any effect at all on this nasty problem, thanks!!!!

    • Health Genius says:

      Great news Mark!

    • June Bailey says:

      Do you think Tinniticil really works for ringing in your ears or is this just a hoax, I pray to God that it really works because it is the only product that I have read about that gives me any hope, anyone else that has tried this product I would like to hear from. I will definitely order it. June

    • June Bailey says:

      Can you order Tinniticil by a phone number? I hope this really works

  • Don Riggs says:

    Tinnitus is easily susceptible to “practicing the error.”
    My father, who acquired tinnitus from artillery firing, taught me to manage tinnitus (I played in a loud rock band…)
    Dark room, eyes closed, concentrate on the tinnitus, make it louder until it drowns out everything… then just relax, don’t fight it, bask in it.

    Notice it gets quieter. Make it loud again. relax, make it quieter…

    If you do this at every available moment for a few days, you’ll notice you can sometimes turn off the tinnitus completely. It just takes practice.

    For me that was 40 years ago.

    • Health Genius says:

      Hi Don,

      Great info! We really appreciate it. I have also forwarded this message on to the makers of Tinniticil to get their take on it. It sounds promising enough so let’s all try it and if it really works, let’s all spread the word!

  • Junior Howell says:

    I’ve had it for a month now and was told it was irreversible, worked around a lot of grinders etc. Also some hearing loss, having trouble sleeping, will it help my condition?

  • Sherry Herring says:

    I have suffered from tinnitus for so many years, I can’t remember when I didn’t have it to some extent. The past two years have been exceptionally bad. My ears ring loudly 24/7, making it virtually impossible to hear on the phone when they are both going (sometimes it’s one ear, sometimes it’s both). I am very excited having found your website today. I ordered immediately from your link to their site. Great news only got better, if you order one bottle, they offer to sell you another bottle at the sale price and throw in a FREE bottle. I saved $24 with the sale price and got a free bottle, so if you are debating on ordering this product, now would be a great time to end the debate and place your risk free order! I will be posting to let you know my results with the product, but after a little additional research this seems to be my best bet! Thank you for alerting me to this product!

  • Steve says:

    After hoping it wasn’t Tinnitus I was just confirmed after seeing ENT (after 3 months of PC doctor and then fearing the worst) that my ears are fine which next came the crushing blow…..they can’t do anything about it…learn to live with it. Mine is a buzzing whiny little motor in my right ear and sometimes high frequency pitch in both. So now with praying that God will help me learn to live with it, I find this site. Anybody ever had my type of Tinnitus. I cause it myself in my youth (loud Rock and Roll car stereos and never wore hearing protection at work unless it hurt). I pray this is his answer.

  • Mark says:

    I’ve had my ears ring now for about two years now and I wanted to contact this company and try their product but the web site will not come up. Is there a problem with the site or do they have a new site?

  • Vince says:

    My tinnitus is caused by working in a machine shop for over 20 years (retired) and even after retiring it’s been getting worse. The Tinniticil appears to be reversing it. You can actually feel it working too…hard to explain but if you’ve used it you know what I mean. Currently on day 10 I will continue to update as things progress.

  • Health Genius says:

    Hey Angie,

    Their phone number is 800-308-4924 and their official website is http://www.Tinniticil.com

  • Curtrice says:

    I am actually crying right now for thinking that I have really finally found the miracle I’ve been searching for, for almost 36 years!!! I am a 35 year survivor of the illness called Reye’s Syndrome, and, after having had the syndrome, it seemed my tinnitus has gotten worse and worse over the years. I had the illness back in October, 1978, at the age of ten! Well, I used to go to sleep with earphones (those big ones back in the 70′s) and over the years, I’ve been to my share of concerts!!! Well, I thought the tinnitus I suffer from – ringing constantly 24/7!!! – was going to have to be something I’d have to learn to live with the rest of my life. But, after reading so many success stories about this miracle pill called Tinniticil, i feel I must give it a try. I only hope it’s not too expensive as I’m on gov’t disability payments every month!!! I am really praying this pill will work for me as I know that all meds don’t work the same for all people! But, I am so DESPERATE to find at least some relief from my tinnitus!!! Sometimes I notice different “high – pitched” tones being added to the ones I already hear. And, it literally sounds like I have at least ten or twenty million different tones which I hear (all at the same time) 24/7!!! I’ve even had a nurse say how she could hear the ringing in my ears which I thought was impossible until I did research and found out that some tinnitus can actually be heard by others who examine your ears!!! STRANGE!!! Well, I do hope and pray this pill will work for me and I can actually afford it! Thank you for reading my true story! Sincerely, C Hertlein

  • Jackie Manning says:

    Where do I start. I have been dealing with this ringing for well over 7 years if my memory serves me correctly and I have tried just about everything I could find (within budget) to try and stop it. Here are some of the things I’ve tried: 1. Sound Therapy – It helps me sleep at night but it doesn’t actually do anything to stop the ringing. 2. Cutting back on caffiene – I am a heavy coffee drinker and cutting back on caffeine for 3 weeks (I drank a maximum of 3 cups/wk for 2 weeks and drank zero coffee the final week) had absolutely no effect for me. 3. Zinc – I took a Zinc supplement for 1 month and at times it seemed like it was working but the little relief I received from it didn’t justify taking the pills every day. 4. Lipo-Flavonoid – I found this at my local walmart. Took it for 1 month and absolutely nothing. It may have even made it worse while I was taking it. 5. Quietus – I ordered this over the phone and besides the fact that the customer service was incredibly rude and pushy, the product did absolutely nothing after 1 month of use and the price was astronomical. 6. Accupuncture – This was an uncomfortable experience and had absolutely no effect on my ringing. 7. Meditation – I tried this on and off for 2 months and again – nothing. 8. Tinnitus Miracle – This is an “ebook” not even a real book and contains basically the same treatment information and natural rememdies that I’ve already covered. Its junk. 9. Tinniticil – This supplement is EPIC. After the first few days I could already tell it was working. I had high hopes so I thought maybe it was a placebo effect but now after taking it for over 3 weeks my tinnitus is NO LONGER IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE!! I don’t know how they did it, I didn’t think it could be done but god bless them they’ve done it! I take 1 pill twice a day as directed and I honestly couldn’t be more happy with the results. I can still hear the ringing at times but only when Im in a completely quiet room and even then it’s so little that it doesn’t bother me one bit. Thank God I found this because my I was nearly at my wits end.

  • Peter says:

    tinnitus has been bothering me for years and I ignored it as much as I could but it kept getting worse. I almost didnt try it but I started taking tinniticil and let me tell you one thing: ignore every last damn person who tells you tinnitus cant be cured. they almost had me convinced. they are WRONG. tinniticil does work and im sure a lot of other stuff helps too. just because THEY cant find a cure or too cynical to try something doesn’t mean you cant.

  • Gina B. says:

    My ear ringing has become increasngly worse over the years to the point where it is no longer tolerable. A friend let me try her Tinniticil a few weeks ago and it has indeed been extremely helpful.

  • doyle says:

    where can I buy tinniticil

  • Mark Owens says:

    I received my order and have been very impressed with the results thus far. Thank you again for the information this is exactly what I needed.

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks for this site and this story. I’m going to order it now for my husband. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you

  • Michael says:

    I’ve suffered from tinnitus for years and tried several so called “remedies” that didn’t provide much relief at all. I came across tinniticil one day while researching online and bit the bullet after reading positive things online. It works very well and on most days it does stop the ringing. I’m a happy customer.

  • Frank says:

    I’ve had tinnitus for years due to combat service and basically taught myself to live with it. I can ignore it most of the time but it can be a living hell.

    I tried lipoflavornoid and didn’t get much if any relief. This was about a year ago. Recently I decided to give Tinniticil a shot and yes it does work people!!!! NO MORE RINGING!!!!!

  • Beth says:

    I’ve been using Tinniticil for 3 weeks now and I wanted to share my results. It has done it’s job of silencing the tinnitus well. I take 1 pill with lunch and 1 with dinner (my Tinnitus has never actually been a problem in the morning). I find that Im able to focus and concentrate much better now as well. Thank you for this wonderful product. Beth

    • Tamara Hollins says:

      Does Tinniticil really works I just want to hear my children without the ringing and be stress free.

      • Beth says:

        Yes it works for me! I find that I don’t have to take it nearly as often as directed and still ring-free. I’m just about to place another order. A word of advice you save a lot of money with the 3 month supply. I’m loving it!

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