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Is Sensa a scam or the real deal?

You might have heard about it on the radio or even saw it on TV.

sensa tastant crystalsThe makers behind Sensa claim you can “shake yourself skinny” by sprinkling their tastant crystals on your meals causing you to eat less :: therefore losing a bunch of weight.

In fact, they claim you can lose an average of 30.5 pounds by doing this… sounds pretty good right? Well not so fast…

Let’s get to the bottom of this!

Sensa is the creation of Dr. Alan Hirsch :: an American neurologist and psychiatrist.

Dr. Hirsch claims there was a peer reviewed study by the Endocrine Society supporting the claim that subjects lost over thirty pounds using Sensa.

However, the Endocrine Society says they did not review the study. On ABC’s 20/20 news the Endocrine Society stated that, “they were surprised and troubled by the promotional nature of his presentation”. In fact, none of the internal “studies” by Sensa are confirmed by any respectable body.

And it gets even worse…

Besides the fact that Sensa doesn’t even work, it appears they’re taking advantage of their customers as well…

There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of complaints online from people who have ordered Sensa :: with claims like getting billed $89.95 at least once and in many cases multiple times after cancelling their order. Others have reported that it’s almost impossible to get in contact with Sensa to even cancel their order.

The payment terms are a little tricky too. Sensa is designed to be a “Risk-Free Trial Offer” where if you don’t cancel the free trial after 30 days, you’re credit card is automatically billed a whopping $89.95 each month until you cancel :: and while they’re so busy telling you how great it is that you’re only charged shipping, they fail to make clear you’ll be charged $89.95 until you cancel.

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  • Shaaron says:

    I have lost over 30 pounds on Sensa and love it. I think for it to really work you have to remember to shake it on everything you eat. My friend would forget and of course she didn’t lose any weight. I was able to lose the weight slowly which is much better for our body and it is staying off. I am now on my third year and will continue with it until I reach my goal. I also found that it took away my cravings for sweets and I also eat less. Sorry to hear so many are not happy as I would love to hear everyone is having the same results and NO I don’t work for Sensa. I’m a retired 67yo woman living out in the country with plenty to keep me busy. End of story.

  • brendacary says:

    If I cancel the credit card I used.can they get number on new one?

  • Renee says:

    A couple of years ago I ordered Sensa on an auto-ship program through Shop NBC. I decided I did not want to try it, so I called Shop NBC’s customer service line to find out how to return it for a refund and to stop all future deliveries. They gave me a full refund on my credit card and I never received anything else from them. If you’re going to take a chance and order Sensa, I’d do it through another entity, such as any home shopping networks that carry it because they are honest in their return and refund policies and always top auto-deliveries as requested.

    • F.dellera says:

      They would not give me a refund when I tried to get one from them spending $168.64 they gave me a govt website and I tried to look for 1 year for a way to get reimbursed and nothing…..then I looked today and they say they gave refunds but now I’m too late….terrific out 168.00 and not a penny back…..sucks!

  • barbie says:

    How do I get the contact # can not fined it.

  • tr blanchard says:

    Yep if it’s sounds too good to b true It usually is!!!

  • Darlene says:

    I tried Sensa 2 different times and it did not work!!! I thought it was just me, maybe I wasn’t doing it right. But I see that I got hood-winked too.

  • Teresa Jahnke says:

    I just called Sensa in order to send back my trial offer before the 30 day trial period expired. I was supposed to have until 5/10/13 before my 30 days was up (today is 4/16/13). When I called they made me jump through all kinds of hoops to even try and send my order back. My trial offer was never opened due to my doctor’s concerns. When I told them I need to send my order back per my doctor – they asked me if someone else could use it so I didn’t have to send it back. They then told me they would credit me back $30.00 but were still going to charge me $59.95 for a 2 month supply of Sensa. I told them I do not want to be charged anything for something that is being returned and is not going to be re-ordered. My account has already been charged for the full amount of $89.95 – even though I am still within the trial period. In order to send anything back to them you have to have a special number written on the outside of the package or they will not accept it back and will continue to charge you. Even when you get this special number you will still be told that they will only reimburse you the $30.00. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE. It is proving impossible to be reimbursed my money.

    • MERCY says:


  • Joe Hawkins says:

    Yes sensa is a scam.
    I tryed sensa the first two weeks I gained 10 #

    • Kathy says:

      Sensa is a joke, I brought all 6 months worth and didn’t loose anything, what a waist of my money and time.

  • Sharon says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Garcinia! I remember my sister telling me about this but I completely forgot about it. I think I’m finally going to give it at try!!!!

  • Margot Lovell says:

    I responded to the “pay only shipping and handling for 4.95. They charged 89.95 to my cc. I called and after arguing with two women,I was given a return # for the trial 4.95 when it arrives. They will return half of the 89.95 now and the rest when they get my free trial back. Do not do business with these people. Of course, that is my opinion.

  • Dee says:

    I wanted to try this product as well and even went through the process of fillin it out. Then I read the fine lines $89 will be charged after 30 days. To me that wasn’t a free trial. So I took out all my information and proceeded to leave site. Then the chat person came on so I started asking questions. I said that we wanted to try it, but it wasn’t something we could afford. She said well the offer won’t last long, so you have to act fast. I said “then I am going to decline”. Then I saw this wonderful site and I sure am glad I didn’t complete the order.

    Thank you all for this information.

  • Kristine Dillon says:

    There was a Class action already for those of you wanting money back


  • Charlene Key says:

    I have tried the sensa program several times and I for one can tell you that it does not work. I tried it twice thinking I did something wrong and it locked up my system both times. I called customer service way back when they first started marketing sensa and I guess I got lucky because they cancelled my account immediately and apologized to me for all of my troubles with the product which told me that they already knew it did not work but got greedy anyway and did not care about the public. I feel that the sensa company should be put out of business and pull the advertising as well because they are endangering the public and committing fraud. I hope NO ONE uses this product and I strongly urge you to destroy what ever portion you have left, cancel your card and walk away from them before someone dies. I wound up in the emergency room and had to take a special medicine to recover after 2 weeks. DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT!

  • Arlene says:

    I just received Sensa in the mail, and read the ingredients. Their is some soy in this product, and my oncologist said to avoid soy as much as possible. So I will be sending it all back.

  • james harman says:

    i too did not read reviews before ordering. product was returned before opening. it cost $4.95 plus $13 and change to return. haven’t gotten a penny back from Sensa,its been 5 weeks. you know the saying-a fool and his money!!!!!!

    • DBE says:

      Call your bank – the holder of your Credit Card and tell them you did not authorize payment and you want all charges credited back to your account – takes approx 15 days. Also request they not honor any further charges from the company name noted. I was recently scamed! These are crooks do-not be shy. This is your money they are stealing.

    • Laura says:

      They tell you that your shipping charges will not be reimbursed. Do not call and refute the charges when you agreed to them terms.

  • Carol says:

    Wow thank you all so much for the feedback I wish I had come here first,I should know there is no magic powder and I usually read reviews first…I saw Octavia Spencer from “The Help” on the View and thought if it worked for her it may work for me,although I have to keep in mind she probably has personal trainers and chefs…my Sensa is on the way and soon as it arrives I’m sending it right back,once again thanks for sharing

  • Katherine Gates says:

    Sensa does not work and for $89 it is a total rip off. They will not refund the charge and told me to just dispose of the product. They have no customer service.

    • Health Genius says:

      Katherine, I’m sorry to hear this. I would suggest filing a “chargeback” with your bank or credit card company.

      Tell them you were scammed and include any facts you can in the chargeback report, like if Sensa failed to make it clear that you would be charged the $89.

      You can also reference this webpage (http://www.healthgenius.org/sensa/) in the report if you’d like. There are plenty of comments here from others that shed light on Sensa’s “questionable nature.”

    • paula masterpolo says:

      I have used SENSA for 12 days now, and have had some severe side effects such as diarrhea, acne breakout, chest pain (probably from gas and bloating). I called their customer service number and asked for a full refund, I had no problem, they told me to send it back and gave me RMA numbers to use. As soon as they receive it my credit card will be credited. However, I am going to send it “certified” so that I have proof that they received it!!!!!

  • Nubster says:

    I just started using Sensa, so I don’t know if it works. Costco carries Sensa at a MUCH lower price – $28.00 for 1 month. Buy it 1 mo at a time, no big investment, no credit card involved.

  • Jennifer says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your review blog. I did have all my info filled out and ready to put in my cc info, when i decided to go check it out on line, you saved me lots of money. I have been on weight watchers for a year now (01-08-13) and have lost 50lbs, I will stay with it what I know works. I was just wanting to switch it up a little. I still have 20lbs to go and will just learn to be more patient. Over the years, I have been scammed out of so much money from weight loss programs that I am too ashamed to share the amount. WW is a complete life style change, as is any diet, so my only advice that I can give folks, is to just do the research before you invest your hard earned dollars in these types of scams. Thanks again.

    • Health Genius says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      You’re very welcome! Glad I could help 🙂

      Great to hear that weight watchers is working well for you. Keep it up!

  • Susan C says:

    This is such a scam. Last year when I got my income tax I caved and got a three month supply at GNC and followed just like they said. I did not lose even one pound and actually gained THREE! Thank God I did not use my credit card so they could automatically enroll me. I hope someone start a class action against them for such blatant lying. Thank you for allowing me to vent.

    • DBE says:

      I hope you returned your products and got your money back. Even respected retailers as GNC they need to know about your experience. You will be helping protect their fine reputation or whatever – not so fine?

  • Lynn says:

    I started filling out the free Sensa offer but changed my mind midway through. A couple of days later, I got a call asking me about my order. I said I had changed my mind and thought the order was cancelled. Thank goodness I didn’t fill in any payment information. That really bothered me that they didn’t accept the cancel order without a follow up phone call.



  • Luis Mancherie says:

    This Sensa product does not work. I bought from GNC store for 80 dollars.
    Once puchased and used, you are out of your money. When you buy online or by phone for the free trial of some products, you cannot cancell
    untill they have charged your card at least three or four times. Best to cancell your card immediatly or use a card that only has a small amount of credit so that they can only charge you once or twice. I have talked to a lot of people about the infomercial products, and all say that they are practially all worthless and marketing hype.

    • Health Genius says:

      Glad to hear it’s available at GNC. A lot of complaints are coming in from people claiming improper billing and customer service issues. Buying at GNC would eliminate that risk entirely.

      I’m not suggesting people buy Sensa but if you do feel so inclined, this would be a much better option as opposed to ordering from them online or by phone. That way you don’t need to give Sensa your credit card information and put yourself in a position where you get those unauthorized charges or customer service hassles.

  • Me says:

    I have tried sensa and really was not happy after my “free trial” was long over. I called to cancel and they offered me my months 3 and 4 for FREE…. So Im giving it another try,…. for free. I think if they were out to scam people they wouldn’t have sent me two months free…

    • Tried them all says:

      They are hoping that, by chance, you will lose a pound or two, think it’s working, and start buying. The only sure way to lose weight is consuming fewer calories than you use, and the best parts about that method is, it always works and it’s free.
      Thirty pounds in 6 months is only 5# per month. Diet and exercise will average 2-3# per week, which works out to 96# in 6 months, so it’s not even a very good weight loss plan if it didn’t cost a fortune. Diet plans are truly the best “get rich quick” scam out there.

    • DBE says:

      There are many reports stating Sensa does not work – do not buy it – most weight loss products are scams – just salt in the shaker. and you paid what??

  • Bobby says:

    The one question I would like someone to give a valid answer to,,is why our attorney General does nothing about these scam artist, knowing they are taking money from people,and how do we trust our Government.I,ll take any answer thats even close to reasonable Bobby Boston MA

    • Bill says:

      The problem is that there are fine lines to what constitutes a ‘drug’, and drugs are what can be controlled by the FDA as far as the effects go. This is a ‘dietary’ supplement, so there are a completely different set of rules as to what they can or can’t say.

      • DBE says:

        Complain to the BBB Better Business Bureau and 2nd send an email to your representative in congress. After reading all these well written statements I’m adding my congress persons name in my email Contact list. I’m gonna be ready with my shot gun!! Let’s let em have it!!! You may want to send several – a few days apart – same message the more the better. The War on Citizens – We talking back!!

  • Tiffany says:

    Yes it is a SCAM!! And very expensive!! I tried it for 3 months and GAINED WEIGHT. I just don’t see how this stuff works. It seems like SNAKE OIL to me. No side effects? Made me naucious!! Thank you HealthGenius you proved what I had suspected all along!!

  • A. Michael says:

    I personally know two people who have tried “Sensa” and agree that the weight loss claims are completely false.
    They also ended up with several $90.00 charges on their credit cards when they sincerely thought that they had ordered a FREE trial. They never recovered all of their money in the end.
    As for this Dr. Hirsch, anybody who would deliberately lie about clinical studies obviously knows that their product would never survive a reputable trial.

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